Tony Argento Cowboy Poet
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Minden, Nv
The Carson Valley Inn
Sierra Blue o' L.A.P.D. Retired
Personnel Christmas Dinner
December 17th


Reno, Nv
Atlantis Hotel / Casino
Conservco 20th Century Club Luncheon

January 14th, 2016

Gold Hill, Nv
Gold Hill Hotel (Nevada's Oldest), est. 1861
Thursday Night Lecture Series
February 11th

Reno, Nv
University Nevada Reno, (UNR)
OLLI, (Osher Lifelong Learnin' Institute)
Redfield Campus
February 16th

Reno, Nv
University Nevada Reno, (UNR)
OLLI, (Osher Lifelong Learnin' Institute)
Nelson Laxalt Building
February 16th

Genoa, Nv
7th Annual Genoa Cowboy Festival
April 28th - 30th

Shoshone, Id
Lincoln County Fairgrounds
7th Annual Lost 'N' Lava Cowboy Gatherin
Sept. 15th - 18th


Vinton, Ca
Sierra Valley Grange Hall
March 17th-18th

A Handful of Tony's Previous Performances Include:
(click the boxes to see Tony in action)

Tony Argento Sacramento, Ca, 13th Annual Western States Horse Expo

Tony Argento Carson City, Nv, Carson City Rendezvous

Tony Argento Reno, Nv, Galena Creek Campfire Series / Galena Creek Regional Park

Tony Argento Sparks, Nv, Church of Jesus Christ Spirit Filled/Cowboy Poetry History and Patriotism/Royal Rangers Boys and Girls

Tony Argento Van Horn, Tx Crossroads Cowboy Gatherin’

Tony Argento Portola, Ca Words and Music

Tony Argento Sparks, Nv Nevada State Fair Fundraiser Nevada Roundup

Tony Argento Genoa, Nv, Genoa Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival

Tony Argento Dayton, Nv 50th Anniversary of the filmin’ of the “Misfits”

Tony Argento Henderson, Nv, Nevada Wild Fest

Tony Argento Susanville, Ca, Diamond Mountain Casino

Tony Argento Reno, Nv, Northern NV Historical Society University Nevada Reno(UNR)

Tony Argento Gold Hill, Nv, Performin’ at the “Gold Hill Lecture Series”

Tony Argento Virginia City Soroptomists International of the Comstock fundraiser on the V & T Railroad

Tony Argento Yreka, Ca, Siskiyou Golden Fair

Tony Argento Portola, Ca, 28th Annual Portola Railroad Days Festival

Tony Argento Reno, Nv, Nevada Territory Wild West Fair

Tony Argento in Genoa, Nv, Thank You Party / Private

Tony Argento in Sacramento, Ca, Western States Horse Expo at Cal Expo

Tony Argento in Chester, Ca, 28th Annual Mile High 100

Tony Argento in Reno, Nv, Artown / Discover the Arts, Cowboy Poetry and Fun for the Kids

Tony Argento in Genoa Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival Kick Off

Tony Argento in Van Horn, Tx 2nd Annual Texas Crossroads Cowboy Gathering

Tony Argento in Reno, Nv A Wild West Chuck Wagon Feast / Benefit

Tony Argento in Gardnerville, Nv Gardnerville Elementary School K-6

Tony Argento in Dayton, Nv Railroad Jamboree / Benefit

Tony Argento in Genoa, Nv First Annual Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival

Los Banos, Ca 3rd Annual Henry Miller Wild West Weekend (postponed for 2009)

Tony Argento in Penn Valley, Ca Pilot Peak Winery

Tony Argento in Reno, Nv. Artown Discover The Arts / Benefit

Tony Argento in Tahoe City, CA Watson Cabin Museum 100th Anniversary / Benefit

Tony Argento in Truckee, Ca. Truckee Championship Pro Rodeo

Tony Argento in Sierra City, Ca. Kentucky Mine / Benefit

Tony Argento in Yreka, Ca. Siskiyou Golden Fair

Tony Argento in Portola, Ca. Portola Railroad Days 100 Years of Railroad Service

Tony Argento in Berkeley, Ca. La Pena Cultural Center

Tony Argento in Virginia City, Nv. The Washoe Club VC Fireworks Fundraiser/Benefit

Tony Argento in Reno, Nv. Bartley Ranch Honest Horse Exhibit /Benefit

Tony Argento in Gold Hill, Nv. Gold Hill Hotel

square Sacramento, Ca. 11th Annual Western States Horse Expo at Cal Expo

square Sparks, Nv. Heritage Museum/Benefit

square Diamond Mountain Casino in Susanville, Ca

square Bartley Ranch in Reno, Nv

Carson Valley Inn - Douglas County Forecast in Minden, Nv

square Vinton, Ca. 2nd Annual Vinton Civil War Recitation. Music & Dinner. And the recitation of Robert W. Service.
Sierra Valley Grange Hall.

square Calgary, Alberta Canada. Cowboy Poetry and Music at the "Festival of the West" durin' the 96th Annual Calgary Stampede .

square Yreka, Ca. Premier West Bank Mall Stage at the Siskiyou Golden Fair.

square Reno, Nv. 3rd Annual Reno Cowboy Poetry Gatherin'. Bartley Ranch / Robert Hawkins Amphitheater. Tony performed and hosedt as emcee for open mic.

square Grass Valley, Ca. 22nd Annual Draft Horse Classic. Nevada County Fairgrounds.

square Los Banos, Ca.The 2nd Annual Henry Miller Wild West Weekend & Cal. Cowboy Fast Draw State Championships.

square Nevada City, Ca. The Past State Presidents at the Trolley Junction restaurant.

square Susanville, Ca. Cowboy Poetry show. Diamond Mountain Casino / Hotel.

square Grass Valley, Ca. Benefit/Elks # 538 2nd & 3rd Annual Cowboy Poetry & Dinner.

Grass Valley, Ca. 20th & 21st Annual Nevada County Draft Horse Classic, ( The largest draft horse event in the western states). Last year co-performed with Sourdough Slim. Nevada County Fairgrounds.

The Grass Valley Center for the Arts Poetry Series 2nd & 3rd Annual Cowboy Poetry Show.

square Penn Valley, Ca. Kick Off for the 50th Annual Penn Valley Rodeo & Parade.

square Sierra Valley, Ca. 1st Annual Vinton Civil War Recitation, Music & Dinner. Sierra Valley Grange Hall

square Sparks, Nv. Cal./Nv. Cattleman's Ass. & Cal. Rangeland Trust Convention in the Celebrity Showroom at John Asquaga'a Nugget Hotel/Casino.

square Chadron, Ne. State College 3rd Annual Cowboy Poetry Gatherin' which included a Michael Martin Murphy Concert.

square Elko, Nv. National Cowboy Poetry Gatherin'.

square Kamloops, British Columbia 12th Annual Kamloops Cowboy Festival.

square Sierra Valley, Ca. The oldest Cowboy Poetry event in Ca. for the Vinton 22nd Annual Spring Cowboy Poetry Show featured with singin' duo Belinda Gail & Curly Musgrave. Sierra Valley Grange Hall.

square Reno, Nv. KOLO TV 8 Day Break Show.

square Reno, Nv. 94.5 Cub Country Mornin' Radio Show.

square Numerous Schools.


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Green Line for Cowboy Poetry